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Last Updated by Ricky Holzer on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

When I first moved to Minneapolis, online hiking information was sparse for parks in the Midwest. Having been spoiled by excellent websites in the West, I decided to create and share my own database of the best hikes in the middle of the country. Now, No Coast Best Coast covers hikes in 12 different states and one Canadian province. With a straightforward and mobile-friendly design, you can easily find the perfect hike for every occasion, wherever you are in this beautiful place others call "flyover country".


Unlike other websites that only list trails and basic details, I have personally hiked each and every hike posted on this site and share everything about the overall experience. In each post about a hike, I review the trail experience and share plenty of pictures and a map of the trail. I rate each hike out of 5 stars and list the overall difficulty, navigation difficulty, distance, and time.
The overall difficulty is an unscientific combination of elevation gain and distance, detailed below with the corresponding marker color on the site's map:
Unless you're climbing a serious mountain, listing elevation gain in terms of feet is unnecessary and harder to comprehend, especially on the many Midwestern trails I've reviewed. Instead, I summarize elevation gain into four categories:
Each hike is also labeled whether or not it is good for families, dogs, or people in wheelchairs:
At the bottom of the post, I provide directions, details about parking and fees, and additional information: rules about dogs, whether or not the trail is good for kids (and close alternative routes if not), what seasons you can hike the trail, how popular and crowded the trail may be, and any other important things you'll need to know (are there bears? will you need extra water?).


My blog is where I summarize all of my hiking knowledge into easily digestible articles. Not only will you find lists of the best hikes, there are also articles explaining everything you need to know about hiking, from what to wear, how to prepare, and other important information, like what the difference is between a national park and a national monument. Have any ideas you'd like to see me write about? Message me on social media using the links further down the page!

About the Author

Ricky hiking at Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth, Minnesota

Ricky hiking at Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth, Minnesota

Hi, I'm Ricky Holzer, and I have been hiking since my days as a Boy Scout. Originally from Arizona, I am an experienced outdoorsman with accomplishments like backpacking the Grand Canyon on my 13th birthday, braving the New Mexico wilderness on a 65 mile trek at Philmont Scout Ranch, and summitting several peaks throughout Southern California. Although I've hiked in more than 10 National Parks and traveled throughout the west, I will prove that the Midwest isn't all flat and boring and has plenty of hiking worth doing, all within a short trip of your home city.


Have any questions? Did you find an error on one of my posts? Have any requests for hikes or blog content? Message me using any of the platforms below!



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