Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota

Last Updated: August 14th, 2018

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Smack in the middle of Northern Minnesota, this National Forest was the first established east of the Mississippi River and is home to more wetlands and lakes than any other National Forest. As such, water-oriented recreation is the primary means of enjoyment here. There are 21 developed campgrounds and 100 backcountry campsites, giving you ample opportunities to spend some quality time in the forest.

There are 298 miles of non-motorized trails contained within this forest. Information about trails can be sparse, and the best resource is often talking to a ranger at one of the four park offices -- located in Blackduck, Cass Lake, Walker, and Deer River. The Lost Forty is one of the premier destinations, containing a short hike through 350 year old pine forest. Suomi Hills is one area within the forest well-known for hiking. Norway Beach is a popular summer destination with trails around the lake.


The trees here are so tall you can
Lost Forty Loop
Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota
Looking across Lake Erin in fall
Lake Erin Loop
Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota

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