Platte River State Park, Nebraska

Park Information

Located just south of Omaha on the Platte River (duh), this state park is a great escape from the city into excellent forested hills. The park is quite developed and offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities from hiking to mountain biking to equestrian to canoeing and beyond. Be sure to visit the observation tower, where you can see both Omaha and Lincoln on a clear day. There are several campgrounds in addition to cabins and teepees available for rent.

The trail network is slightly confusing, but there are several trails available here. The most popular is the hike to the falls, a small, creek-fed waterfall accessed via a short, well-maintained trail. Another highlight is the scenic viewpoint from a trail on the eastern end of the park, a much longer hike. No matter where you go, this park is evidence of the great natural beauty hidden among the farm fields of Nebraska.


This pretty little waterfall is just a short drive from Omaha and an easy hike away!
Stone Creek Falls
Platte River State Park, Nebraska

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