Rock Cut State Park, Illinois

Last Updated: October 3rd, 2018

Park Information

Only about an hour from Chicago and adjacent to Interstate 90, Rock Cut State Park is a convenient place to experience nature or to stretch your legs on a longer journey to or from the city. In the summer, enjoy picnicking by the lake or going for a swim; in the winter, you can ski or snowshoe on the park's trail network. Camping is available at one large developed campsite, the group site, or the equestrian camp.

There are plenty of options for hiking trails, ranging from the quarter mile Prairie Trail to the over 4 mile Pierce Lake Loop and beyond. Stick to the trail on the west side of the park to escape the noise of the busy interstate. Try one of the trails through the park's two grasslands for a break from the ever present woodland scenery.


Pierce Lake as seen from the trail
Pierce Lake Loop
Rock Cut State Park, Illinois

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