Stone State Park, Iowa

Last Updated: September 5th, 2018

Park Information

Located within Sioux City and less than 20 minutes from downtown, the forested bluffs in Stone State Park are an easy escape into nature. Hike, mountain bike, snowmobile, or horseback ride on the multi-use trail system and enjoy the views from the top of the hills. Visit the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center to learn more about the nature in the area and to enjoy short nature trails. Stay at the developed campground or in one of two cabins available.

Most of the trails here are short, but the network is designed so you can make longer looping hikes. For an easy hike with views, do the Dakota Point Trail Scenic Overlook hike. For longer hikes, start at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center and hike to Mount Lucia and continue with any of the loops connecting there.


The view from Dakota Point is the main attraction of this trail
Dakota Point Trail Scenic Overlook
Stone State Park, Iowa

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