Willow River State Park, Wisconsin

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This park is an immensely popular destination for those looking to escape the Twin Cities and enjoy nature. The Willow River cuts through the park in spectacular fashion, cascading through the gorge creating Willow Falls. Due to the demolition of the dilapidated dam on Little Falls Lake, the lake is now a grassy marsh and water recreation is no longer possible. However, the pretty trail network, massive picnic area, and three developed campgrounds are still available.

Hiking is incredibly popular at this park. The trail to Willow Falls is one of the most crowded hikes near the Twin Cities. For a greater challenge, hike to Willow Falls and climb to the top of the gorge and do the Burkhardt Trail, featuring several overlooks. The Pioneer Trail is another interesting hike that passes the gravesite of early settlers before reaching a scenic overlook of the falls.


Willow Falls teeming with people on a hot summer day
Willow Falls from the Nature Center
Willow River State Park, Wisconsin

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