Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

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Rating: ★★★★★(5/5) - Must Visit

Unlike most National Parks throughout the country, wilderness and the outdoors are a secondary focus at this park. Instead, the highlight of the park is the rich history of the town. Known for the naturally flowing hot springs, with water averaging 143 degrees, famous people have traveled to bathe in these healing waters since the 1920s, including Babe Ruth and notorious gangsters like Al Capone. Beyond the historic town, you can enjoy the forested rolling hills in the area by hiking or a scenic drive. There is one campground in the park and a myriad of hotel options in and around the town ranging from dingy motels to lux suites.

The trail network isn't particularly comprehensive here, but there are several hikes available for all difficulty levels. While not technically a "hike", strolling down the historic Bathhouse Row is a must for any visitor. For a moderate hike with some nice views, head to Balanced Rock. If you want an all day affair, you can encircle the entire park on the Sunset Trail, hiking up and down the hills and through forest.


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