Mount Magazine State Park, Arkansas

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Named for the highest point in Arkansas, this state park provides ample outdoor activities, from hiking to rock climbing even to hang gliding! This area is often called the "Island in the Sky" because of the prominence of these mountains -- you'll have impressive views of the surrounding area throughout the park. In addition, the higher altitude here means cooler temperatures perfect for escaping the summer heat and unique flora and fauna -- this park is known for its butterfly populations. There is camping available in addition to the rooms in the lavish lodge built overlooking the valley below.

Any trip to this park wouldn't be complete without a hike to Arkansas's high point, a short, easy walk up a gently sloping trail that anyone can do. For some of the best views in the park and a decently long trip, hike the North Rim Trail. You can see more views by heading to the Benefield Picnic Area, with amazing photo opportunities at Inspiration Point and Sunset Rock, both only a short hike away. For a difficult hike with 1500 feet of elevation change, do the 9.7 mile Cove Lake Trail, which also makes an excellent backpacking trip.


This view awaits you at Sunrise Rock
Inspiration Point and Sunrise Rock Loop
Mount Magazine State Park, Arkansas
Mount Magazine (Arkansas State Highpoint)
Mount Magazine State Park, Arkansas

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