Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Arkansas

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Rating: ★★★★★(5/5) - Must Visit

This popular destination just outside of Little Rock features the iconic Pinnacle Mountain that dominates the surrounding landscape. In addition to hiking the many trails, the park also offers opportunities for fishing, picnicking, mountain biking, and canoeing/kayaking. The park is for day use only.

Climbing up Pinnacle Mountain is the main attraction here, and there are two trails available. The West Summit Trail is slightly easier and has posts labeled from 1-10 to track your uphill progress on the stair-like rocks. The East Summit Trail has a more gradual start but finishes with a steep, rocky climb that will have you using your hands to help you up. The Base Trail circles the base of the mountain and connects the two summit trails, a longer but less strenuous alternative trail. If you want to go up one trail and down another, it is recommended to ascend via the East Summit Trail since the descent is much easier (and less rocky and steep) on the West Summit Trail. The Kingfisher Trail is paved and designated barrier-free for those seeking a wheelchair accessible hiking option.


Lake Maumelle as viewed from the summit
Pinnacle Mountain Loop
Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Arkansas

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