Timm's Hill (Wisconsin State Highpoint)

Timm's Hill County Park, Wisconsin

Trip Date: Friday, August 10th, 2018
Last Updated: Monday, September 10th, 2018
By Ricky Holzer

Hike Information

Rating ★★★★☆(4/5)
Overall Difficulty Easy
Navigation Difficulty     Easy
Distance 1.5 miles roundtrip
Time 30 minutes
Terrain A few hills
Best Seasons All
Family Friendly Yes
Dog Friendly Yes
Accessible No


Hike Summary

Timm's Hill is the highest point in the state of Wisconsin, the 39th highest state highpoint in the U.S. at 1951 feet above sea level. While it pales in comparison to the mountainous state highpoints outside of the Midwest, it's one of the few highpoints in the Midwest with topographic prominence and scenic views -- compare the pictures on this page with the nearly flat highpoints in Iowa or Nebraska. Whether you're collecting state highpoints like me or just want to climb the highest point in your home state, Timm's Hill is a worthwhile destination with great scenic beauty.

From the parking lot, follow the trail to the left side of the map kiosk uphill. Although the park map linked below only shows one trail to the summit, there are actually several trails that connect the trail around the base of Timm's Hill to the summit. Any of these work, just keep climbing uphill until you eventually reach the observation tower and the highpoint sign pictured below.

The sign on the observation tower marking the highest elevation in Wisconsin

The sign on the observation tower marking the highest elevation in Wisconsin

If it weren't for the observation tower, this hike would be pretty anticlimactic since the trees block any view from the top of the hill. However, the sturdy wooden tower (much nicer than the adjacent radio tower) provides the sweeping views you would expect from ascending the highest point in the state. The two pictures below provide an example of the views of beautiful hilly forests surrounding the park.
The view from the observation tower looking southeast towards Bass Lake

The view from the observation tower looking southeast towards Bass Lake

The view from the observation tower looking west

The view from the observation tower looking west

Although you've already completed the main purpose of traveling to this park by climbing the highpoint, this park is so peaceful and beautiful that you should extend your hike to enjoy the nature here. Descend the hill and take one of the other trails to the bottom, just to change things up. Turn left to continue on the trail that circles Timm's Hill. Shortly after reaching the bottom, you'll be able to see Timm's Lake. As you continue on the north side of the Timm's Hill, you'll have more views of the lake, culminating in a scene like the one pictured below, right before the trail veers left deeper into the forest.
Beautiful Timm's Lake

Beautiful Timm's Lake

As the trail continues around Timm's Hill, clearings in the tree will reveal the observation tower on the summit above as pictured below.
The observation tower as seen from the base of Timm's Hill

The observation tower as seen from the base of Timm's Hill

The trail ends in the parking lot, but I recommend walking the short distance on the road to Bass Lake. This lake is where you'll find the fishing pier and some incredible mirror-like water that produced my favorite photo from the entire hike (see below).
The water of Bass Lake creating a perfect reflection

The water of Bass Lake creating a perfect reflection

Even if you don't care about state highpoints, Timm's Hill is still a fun spot with some beautiful nature. Not to mention that its distance from major cities and highways means you can enjoy peace and quiet. I hope you enjoy this hike! Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and be sure to use #nocoastbestcoast on Twitter and Instagram after your trip!

Important Information

The rules state that pets "must be under control or on a leash at all times -- not allowed near swimming area or in buildings". Not only is this a good short hike for the entire family, but Timm's Hill County Park is an excellent place to spend the day enjoying the outdoors with a swimming area, a fishing pier, a playground, and a large covered picnic area. You can reach the top of Timm's Hill in all four seasons, but note that the park gates are only open from May to October; during the winter the park road is impassible and you'll have to hike, snowshoe, or ski in from County Road RR (if you hike or snowshoe, walk to the side of the trails to preserve the grooming for skiers). Given the long distance from any major cities or towns, I wouldn't expect large crowds, but the attraction of the views from the state's highpoint mean you will probably never be alone here.


Timm's Hill is in the middle of nowhere, about two hours from Eau Claire. Starting from Eau Claire, take U.S. Highway 53 north then take the exit for Wisconsin Highway 29 heading east. Next you'll zigzag on county roads to avoid driving through towns. Take the exit for County Road E, then turn left. Turn right on County Road O, then turn left on County Road Q. Turn right on County Road M, then turn left on Wisconsin Highway 13. Continue straight for about 15 miles, then turn right on Old Highway 13 towards Ogema. Turn right onto Wisconsin Highway 86 and follow it as it bends through town. Turn right on County Road C, then go straight to continue on County Road RR. You should see signs for Timm's Hill County Park, and turn left onto the one lane road to enter the park. Park at the big lot near the covered picnic area and map kiosk.

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Parking, Fees, and Facilities

Parking is free! There are pit toilets and a covered picnic area near the lot.

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