Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Minnesota

Park Information

This popular park in the Twin Cities is a well known mountain biking destination. With over 1,100 acres of forest and prairie on rolling hills between lakes to enjoy, this beautiful place should not be missed. In addition to mountain biking, this park is great for hiking, fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, and kayaking as well as nearly every winter activity you can think of. There are two campgrounds near Wheaton Pond, one of the few places within the Twin Cities where you can camp.

The park is divided into two portions, east and west. The west portion contains the mountain bike trails and a handful of hiking trails. The east portion contains a vast network of hiking trails to meet any skill level. The easiest, family-friendly trails are near the visitor center. The Voyageur Trek is the hallmark hike, looping around the center of the park past several lakes and through dense forest. Since most of the trails connect, you can readily create your own route to meet your needs.


The view of Jensen Lake from the boardwalk
Voyageur Trek Loop
Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Minnesota

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