Whitetail Woods Regional Park, Minnesota

Park Information

Located on the far southern edge of the Twin Cities Metro in Farmington, right where the suburbs transition to rural countryside, this park is an oasis of trees in the middle of farm fields. The rolling terrain here is fantastic, providing nice views of the prairie and lakes within the park. Hiking and cross country skiing are the primary recreational activities here. Camper cabins are available for those looking to spend the night.

The trail network consists of several large loops that connect, allowing you to create a route that meets your skill level. While the terrain is hilly, the trails here are very gradual. Take the loop around Empire Lake for a tour of a majority of the park. The shortest hikes are near the camper cabins in the northern portion of the park.


The view from the overlook of Empire Lake
Empire Lake All Season Loop
Whitetail Woods Regional Park, Minnesota

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