Minneopa State Park, Minnesota

Last Updated: August 21st, 2018

Park Information

Just outside of Mankato, Minneopa State Park is home to a herd of bison and the double waterfall known as Minneopa Falls. The larger northern section of the park contains a restored prairie, an enclosed area you may drive through to hopefully see the herd of bison residing there. In addition, the northern section is home to the Seppmann Mill, a historic windmill that milled grains in the latter half of the 19th century, which is conveniently adjacent to an overlook of the bison enclosure. The southern section contains Minneopa Falls and a popular picnic area. Camping is available at the Red Fox Campground or one of four group campgrounds in the northern section.

By far the most popular hike in the park is the trail to Minneopa Falls, a 0.4 mile trip down steps to Minneopa Creek that gives you a closer vantage point of the falls. The waterfalls area is usually crowded and you may even have difficulty finding a parking spot. In the northern section of the park, you can circle the bison enclosure using the Minnesota River Bluff Trail and the Seppmann Mill Trail. The Minneopa Creek Confluence Trail leads to a shady gorge where the creek meets the Minnesota River.


The larger of the two waterfalls at Minneopa State Park
Waterfalls Area
Minneopa State Park, Minnesota
Overlooking the bison enclosure from near Seppmann Mill
Bison Enclosure Loop
Minneopa State Park, Minnesota

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